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Portable Car Air Compressor

Portable Car Air Compressor

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The Portable Car Air Compressor is the perfect combination of convenience and portability to keep your car tyres inflated on the go. With an 8000mAh battery, this 12V electric compressor outputs 150 PSI — enough to provide a reliable and efficient inflation for your car, motorbike, bicycle, boat or even your recreational balls. This air compressor is simple to use – just switch it on and adjust the preset pressure setting with LED indicator to inflate your tyres quickly and accurately. The cordless design allows you to take it anywhere with you so it’s great for camping trips and outdoor activities too! The built-in safety cut-off feature also ensures every tyre inflation is safe as well as accurate for peace of mind when you travel about. Get the Portable Car Air Compressor today and make life easier in one clever product!

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