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Novelty Sneaker Slippers

Novelty Sneaker Slippers

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Introducing our new Hype Step collection, designed to offer the latest in fashion trends and comfort. Our unisex slipper is made with ultra-soft material and comes with a cotton inner lining that will provide long-lasting comfort and breathability. The velvety fleece upper of our HypeSlippers™ will keep your feet feeling warm during the colder days. We ensure high quality materials and construction with every pair we produce, making them perfect for any occasion as well as ideal gifts for your loved ones. Plus, they are easy to care for too! Keep them looking bright and fresh by simply placing them on a front load washable cycle without worrying about shrinkage or color fading. Get ahead of the trend with Hype Step’s stylish and comfortable design!



One size. They will fit sizes US 3 - 13 

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