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Anti-Snoring Nose Clip Sleep Tray

Anti-Snoring Nose Clip Sleep Tray

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Get a good night's sleep with the Anti-Snoring Nose Clip Sleep Tray Device. This electric anti-snoring prevention device is designed to maximize airflow through your nasal passage and effectively relieve snoring. It is rechargeable, made of silicone material, odorless and extremely soft and comfortable for different sizes of nasal passages. The simple, sleek and humanized design takes little time to get used to with no need for long instructions. Built-in micro blowers ensure that this device fits completely into the nostrils for efficient all night use. Get the best sleeping experience possible with this Anti-Snoring Nose Clip Sleep Tray Device and stop snoring once and for all.



Type: Snoring Machine
Color: Blue/Green/White
Material: ABS+ Silicone
Size: 60*35.2*39mm/2.34x1.38x1.53inch

Package Included:
1 * Snoring Machine
1 * Box

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